For your fresh blood circulation health

Omega-3 with visible freshness, SCENTOMEGA

‘Scentomega’, a brand specializing in omega-3 products has been launched for your fresh blood circulation health.

The freshness of raw materials contained in Scentomega’s omega-3 is guaranteed by Solutex, which is the world’s leading global manufacturer of algae and fish oil omega-3. Nutrione also minimizes the fish odor but maintains the freshness of omega-3 with its unique 3-step MFOT(Minimize Fish Odor by Triple Steps) process, which allows to provide a refreshing grape scent after consumption.

Circulate all day long with your healthy blood care. Guaranteed Quality, Purity, and Freshness of Omega 3 Start your blood care with the trustable brand, ‘Scentomega’!

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