Expanding as a global company that contributes to
the health and happiness of all people around the world

China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.
Exported to over 74 countries

'Nutrione' is a Korea's leading health & breauty brand that is passionate about balancing our health and inspire people to manage their well-being wisely. Nutrione has local partners in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and has exported our products to over 74 countries.
Nutrione will continue to develop high-quality products & services to become the global company that has sales markets all over the world for our healthier and happier lives..

Global offline channels status

Hong Kong+Macau SASA

100 Stores

Taiwan POYA

300 Stores

Taiwan Family Mart

4000 Stores

Myanmar Shwe Ohh Pharmacy

57 Stores

Myanmar City Care Health & Beauty Store

47 Stores

Vietnam Local Pharmacies and Clinics

500 Stores

Hong Kong Association Of Hong Kong Nursing Staff

Hong Kong Nursing Association

Hong Kong Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union

Hong Kong Teachers Association

Global e-commerce channels status




Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil


Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines


Singapore, Malaysia, Japan


USA, Japan


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